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The model was so relaxed in this reclining pose I think she might have dozed off!  

It was the sweet smile on her face that made me think she was having a lovely dream -
Thus the name ‘Dreaming’ felt right for this piece.

This piece won Honorable Mention at the Art on the Boardwalk show at Marina Bay in Quincy, MA.

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Just before firing
Another view
In progress
Wanting to place the figure in a natural
setting, the idea of having her lie on a
leaf came to me while strolling in the

The haiku popped unbidden into my
head, so I inscribed it on the back of the

… And the tiny nymph
Rests on a velvet leaf
And dreams her soft dreams.


Terra cotta reclining nude - 20" long
Light green verdigris patina
Price: $800.00

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