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Winged Caress
Winged Caress was inspired by a piece called
'Eagle Warrior'.  A beautiful sculpture depicting a
fierce warrior with a stylized eagle-like helmet.

Being more of a peacenik myself, I liked the idea of
combining a softer portrait with a bird to achieve quite
the opposite feeling.  

I had a lot of fun with this; inspiration coming from
worlds as far apart as a wooden duck decoy recently
purchased as a gift for my husband and the art deco
designs of the nineteen twenties.   

This piece won Third Place at the 2009 Marina Bay
Arts on the Boardwalk Show in Quincy MA

17" Tall with blue-grey patina and amber glass eyes
Price: $500.00

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Just before firing
Other views
12" Tall Terra cotta clay with blue-gray metallic patina.  The bird has golden glass eyes

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