Valerie Mine - Background
I grew up in Rockport, MA, surrounded by art and artists.

Inspired by the beautiful North Shore vistas, I was drawing and
painting from an early age.  Living in an artist community
provided many opportunities to study with local artists.

Although I started college as an art major, I was lured by the
idea of steady employment into the world of computer science.

Even though I was working full time in the business world, I
never gave up on my first love and always found time to continue
to study art whenever and wherever possible.  However, it was
not until I began sculpting that I really felt I had found my true

I had a great introduction to sculpting from Daniel E. Myers III -
a wonderful sculptor, teacher and mentor at the
Quincy Art
Association.   Click here to view Dan's work.
I study stone carving with Scott Cahaly who's skill and
appreciation of the medium is an inspiration. Please check out
his work at

Awards for both portrait and figure sculpture have been a
welcome reinforcement of my commitment to
pursue sculpting.

I am now working at my studio on the South Shore in Rockland,
MA.  It is wonderful to have the freedom to focus full time on
creating art.

I particularly love working in Terra cotta clay.
Unlike stone or wood carving, clay is very forgiving and provides great freedom
that allows the work to evolve - almost to take on a life of its own.  

After my first sculpture I was defiantly hooked, and continue to love getting my
hands in the mud.  It must come from my early days of making castles
in the wet sand!

You will see when you visit the online
Gallery, that
I enjoy combining  portraits and figures with natural elements, real or imagined.